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Nombre de messages : 793
Date d'inscription : 31/08/2013

Feuille de personnage
Classe: Magicien Spécialisé
Emploi: Shadowrunner
Race: Elf

MessageSujet: Frey 2.0   04/12/14, 04:17 pm


Nom du Joueur: Louis-Olivier
Pseudo: Frey
Nom: Bel’Freyadris Del’tavio
Race : Free spirit

Sexe: -
Âge: -


Constitution: 2 3
Agilité: 2 3
Réaction: 2
Force: 2

Charisme: 5
Intuition: 4
Logique: 3
Volonté: 5

Constitution: 5
Agilité: 3
Réaction: 4
Force: 5

Chance/Edge: 4
Puissance: 5
Magie: voir Puissance
Resonance: -

Physique: 6 Initiative  / 2 Passes
Matricielle: - Initiative / - Passes
Astrale: 6 Initiative / 3 Passes


Physique: 9
Étourdissant: 11
Astral: 11


Magician (0)
Photographic memory (10)

Geas(condition(voir les règles) 10
In debt (Nephilim) (15)
Geas (ritual(voir les règles)) 10


Spellcasting (illusion) (6)
Assessing (1)

Anglais (N)
Sperethiel (4)

Arcanna (4)
Biologie (4)
Drogues (2)
Demonologie (4)
Cuisine (2)



Urban explorer jumpsuit 6/6
-Music player
-Bio monitor


Metalink Réponse: 1, Signal: 1, OS: Redcap Nix, Firewall: 1, Système: 2
- Mapsoft : seattle 2
Programme ordinaire
-Affichage pour aveugle (écran à relief)


Pouvoir d’esprit libre

Forme astrale
Type: M • Action: Auto • Range: Self • Duration: Always
A critter with the Astral Form power exists in the astral
plane only. It cannot be damaged by physical attacks or physical
spells; only astral attacks or mana spells may hurt an astral
critter. Likewise, an astral critter cannot affect other creatures
in the material world, only dual-natured creatures or astrally
perceiving characters.
Critters with this power may manifest on the physical plane
in the same way as astrally projecting magicians can (see p. 182).

Type: P • Action: Complex • Range: Self • Duration: Sustained
Certain astral critters are capable of projecting themselves into the material world, thus allowing them to interact with physical beings. When materialized, critters may affect physical targets. Additionally, materialized critters gain Immunity to Normal Weapons.

Immunité (armes normales)
Type: P • Action: Auto • Range: Self • Duration: Always
A critter with Immunity has an enhanced resistance to normal weapons. The critter gains an “Armor rating” equal to twice its Force against that damage. This Immunity Armor is treated as “hardened” protection (see Hardened Armor above), meaning that if the Damage Value does not exceed the Armor, then the attack automatically does no damage.
Immunity to Normal Weapons: This immunity applies to all weapons that are not magical (weapon foci, spells, adept or critter powers). If the critter has the Allergy weakness, then the Immunity does not apply against non-magical attacks made using the allergen.

Forme réaliste
Type: P • Action: Auto • Range: Self • Duration: Special
A spirit with Realistic Form can be mistaken for a normal physical creature or object when it materializes, or it appears unremarkable when joined to a vessel. A spirit that appears as a metahuman would have a heartbeat and a regular breathing rate. A spirit that appeared as an object mimics the object’s normal functionality; for example, a toaster could be plugged into the wall to toast bread (though it would have no Matrix link, making it an antique toaster). The spirit is in no way disguised from the astral plane, but to physical observation appears to any senses to be a natural part of the physical world. Note that spirits with the Materialization power normally only have one materialized form. Materializing spirits with this power can choose to appear using Realistic Form or their normal materialized form. A fire elemental can still appear as a column of angry flames, but might also be able to appear as a beautiful woman.

Forme changeante
Type: P • Action: Auto • Range: Self • Duration: Special
Spirits normally materialize using the same form every time. A free spirit with Mutable Form can appear differently each time it materializes. The spirit’s magical aura is unchanged. If the spirit also has the Realistic Form power (p. 102), add the spirit’s Force to any Disguise Tests it makes to impersonate someone. This power is only available to spirits with the Materialization power.

Type: P • Action: Complex • Range: LOS • Duration: Sustained
The being with the Psychokinesis power can generate psychokinetic energy with a Strength and Quickness equal to the hits scored on a Magic + willpower Test, similar to the Magic Fingers spell (p. 203).

Type: M • Action: Complex • Range: LOS • Duration: Instant
The Influence power allows a being to insinuate suggestions into a target’s mind, predisposing that person to some form of action, reaction, or emotion. Make an Opposed Test between the being’s Magic + Charisma and the target’s Willpower. If successful, the target will carry out the suggestion. If confronted with the wrongness of the suggestion, the subject can make a Willpower Test to overcome it as described under Mental Manipulations, p. 202.


Drain sur Volonté 4 + charisme 4 total 8

Éclair de mana
Type: M • Range: LOS • Damage: P • Duration: I • DV: (F ÷ 2)
Manabolt channel destructive magical power into the target, doing Physical damage. As mana spells, they only affect living and magical targets and are resisted by Willpower. Manabolt affects a single target.

Sonde mentale
Type: M • Range: T • Duration: S • DV: (F ÷ 2) + 2
This spell allows the subject to telepathically probe the mind of a specific target within range of the sense (chosen when the spell is cast). The target is aware of the probing, though they may not know the source of the spell. If the caster gains one or more net hits, consult the Mind Probe Results table for the information gained. The subject may probe for one piece of information per Complex Action. Additional uses of Mind Probe against the same target within a number of hours equal to the target’s Willpower are at a –2 dice pool modifier per previous Spellcasting attempt

Type: M • Range: LOS • Duration: S • DV: (F ÷ 2) – 2
Orgasm envelops the target in the stimulating throes of sexual climax. A favored weapon in the private arsenal of many magicians’ personal lives, this spell is also a great way to distract your enemies without them wanting to kill you in the morning. Each net hit scored by the caster applies a –1 dice
pool modifier to all of the target’s actions as they gasp and gush. At the gamemaster’s discretion, a character who suffers a dice pool modifier higher than his Willpower is completely incapacitated and pre-occupied.

Type: M • Range: T • Duration: P • DV: (Damage Value) – 2
Heal repairs physical injuries. It heals a number of boxes of Physical damage equal to the spell’s hits from the Spellcasting Test. Hits can also be used to reduce the base time for the spell to become permanent; each hit spent this way shaves off 1 Combat Turn (hits can be split between healing and reducing time as the caster desires). A character can only be magically healed once for any single set of injuries.

Phatasme tridéo
Type: P • Range: LOS (A) • Duration: S • DV: (F ÷ 2) +3
These area spells create convincing illusions of any object, creature, or scene the caster desires. They can create an illusion of anything the caster has seen before, from a flower or a credstick to a dragon breathing fire, as long as the illusion is no larger than the spell’s area. Anyone who might pierce the illusion must successfully resist the spell. Simply make one Spellcasting Test and use the hits scored as the threshold for anyone that resists at a later point. Phantasm only affects living beings, while Trid Phantasm affects technological sensors as well.



Tag eraser
Sequencer (4)


Nephilim (Changeling fixer 4/1)


Low (4 mois payés)


Wisp(faux SIN, Changeling magicien corpo (EVO)) rating 3
Permis de magie (faux permis, pour Wisp) rating 4

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Nombre de messages : 793
Date d'inscription : 31/08/2013

Feuille de personnage
Classe: Magicien Spécialisé
Emploi: Shadowrunner
Race: Elf

MessageSujet: Re: Frey 2.0   30/09/15, 03:16 pm

Karma time!!

754 / 30 = 25

Mecanique nautique et carenage 2
De chaire et de sang 5

Noel 2012 5
Noel 2013 5
Noel 2014 5
noel 2015 5
Noel 2016 5

Vol 1 = 4
Combat astral 1 = 4
Contre-sort 1 = 4
Vol 2 = 4
Combat astral 2 = 4
Contre-sort 2 = 4
Assensing 2 = 4
Influence skill group 1 = 10
agilité de 2 a 3 = 9
Body de 2 a 3 = 9
Arme exotique (fouet) 1 = 4

Restant 1

Dernière édition par Frey le 30/01/17, 05:03 pm, édité 1 fois
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Nombre de messages : 793
Date d'inscription : 31/08/2013

Feuille de personnage
Classe: Magicien Spécialisé
Emploi: Shadowrunner
Race: Elf

MessageSujet: Re: Frey 2.0   30/01/17, 05:02 pm

Compte facture achat et autres problèmes d'argent

10 000 pour la run Mécanique nautique et carénage
5000 pour la run  De chair et de sang...
5000 pour la run Formation en mécanique automobile

reapayement de 15000 nuyen a Nephilim
rachat de son E.E.L 1000
500 nuyen pour des habit de policier
500 nueyn pour un tailleur chic sans armure

E.E.L.(Electric Equalizer Line) Electro whip , electro whip 1000
Dégâts: 7s, PA: -1/2, Mode: -, Allonge: 2, CR: 10f, Munition: --
-sur glitch la ligne reste prise quelque part, sur glitch critique auto frappe sur moi-même
-8 charge, recharge 1 charge par 30 seconde lorsque branché

reste 3000 nuyen
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MessageSujet: Re: Frey 2.0   

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Frey 2.0
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